Select Wines & Spirits

Oklahoma’s premier broker of fine wines
& spirits.

Select Wines and Spirits is a wine and spirits broker that specializes in bringing exceptional products to the Oklahoma market while providing only the highest level of sales and marketing for the brands we represent.

Select was established in 1996 as the representative of a single California winery. Our portfolio has grown based on the relationships we have nurtured with our family of suppliers and the trust we have gained in the Oklahoma marketplace.

While our primary function is to expose our products to restaurants and retail stores, we spend much of our time introducing our products to consumers at dinners, tastings and special events. We are also a great resource for planning special events and food and wine pairing.

Select Wines & Spirits is a wine and spirits broker.

What is an Oklahoma wine broker?

• Brand franchise is legal only at the broker level in Oklahoma

• The broker is the same as a vendor of record (VOR)

• The broker is the representative for their suppliers in the state

• The broker serves the same function as a franchised wholesaler

– Broker purchases products from supplier

– Broker sells products to wholesalers

• Broker may only sell directly to wholesalers; may not sell directly to retail stores or on premise accounts

• If a supplier has assigned its products to a broker, the wholesalers are required to buy those products from the assigned broker

• Services provided by a broker:

– Promotes supplier’s products in on premise and off premise accounts (sales)

– Promotes supplier’s products to wholesalers (sales)

– Solicits orders from wholesalers and sends these orders to the supplier

– Licensing

– Compliance

– Brand Registration

– Marketing

– Price posting with the ABLE Commission (posted the 15th of each month; must be posted 45 days before it is to take effect)